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Make it beauty

Organic Avocado Oil

Stimulates collagen synthesis.
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Organic Avocado oil is one of the beauty "Must-haves"! Rich in oleic acid, palmitic acid and antioxidants, it is a slightly thick but paradoxica...

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Organic Avocado oil is one of the beauty "Must-haves"! Rich in oleic acid, palmitic acid and antioxidants, it is a slightly thick but paradoxically very silky oil that easily penetrates the skin. Thanks to its content of sterols, phytosterols and antioxidants, avocado oil has a powerful restructuring action and stimulates collagen synthesis. Healing, it nourishes the skin intensely and allows to attenuate and prevent stretch marks. It is also fabulous in the care of the eye contour. Itwill restructure and regenerate the hair thanks to its hydrating virtues.

To apply it, one uses a stick of virgin mascara or a cotton stem to apply on lashes and eyebrows. Be careful: avoid using the care in the morning, because the oil prevents the mascara from holding on the lashes. It is preferable to apply it in the evening after makeup removal, so that the hairs can regenerate during sleep.

Rich in oleic acid (about 60%), in palmitic acid (about 20%), one of the natural components of the skin's protective barrier, in antioxidant vitamins (C, E, provitamin A), avocado oil has incredible properties for face, body and hair care.


Bio-cosmetic properties

  • Anti-aging, fight against free radicals,
  • Softening, brings suppleness and elasticity,
  • Preserves the hydrolipidic film
  • Regenerating, restructuring,
  • Stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin,
  • Fades scars,
  • Fortifying for hair and nails.

    Ideas for use

    • Cream for dry and/or dehydrated skin,
    • Healing oil,
    • Anti-stretch mark care (in synergy with rose hip oil for example),
    • Eye contour care (it does not make the eyes swell), moisturizes lashes and eyebrows,
    • Hair care for dry and/or damaged hair,
    • Manufacture of ultra soft soaps (brings hardness and foaming power thanks to its palmitic acid content)


          Botanical name: Persia gratissima
          Part used: fruit pulp
          Origin: South Africa


          Quality: 100% pure virgin oil, natural. Not diluted, not transformed. Without additive, without conservative.
          Culture: organic
          Method of production: Centrifugation of the avocado pulp
          Organoleptic properties: thick oil | Color: green to dark green | Odor: vegetable characteristic.

          NOTE : The Organic Avocado oil is a "buttery" oil, that is to say that it turns into butter at low temperature. In winter, since our oil is unrefined and untreated, it is not unusual to see small "pieces" of butter in the oil. This is quite normal, it is "alive" and it does not alter its properties.


          Packaging: Recyclable and reusable amber glass bottle with a glass pipette (Bisphenol A free, Phthalate free)
          Storage: Bottle closed tightly, stored in a dark, warm and humid place.
          Oxidative potential: Vegetable oil not very sensitive to oxidation


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          Make it beauty

          Organic Avocado Oil


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