Fill in sparse eyebrows in 3 minutes flat!

Combler des sourcils clairsemés en 3mn chrono !

How to display a full and flawless eyebrow line in a few brushstrokes? We tell you everything...

We know it well, eyebrows are essential in the harmony and structure of our face. For several years, the techniques to display a perfect eyebrow line have multiplied: restructuring, microblading , brow lift or even microshading, all means are good to make these hairs a real beauty signature.

Our must-have that allows you to display a perfect eyebrow line? Hi-def brow gel from Revitalash.

Available in 3 shades to adapt perfectly to yours (transparent, soft brown and dark brown), here is how to use it to achieve this ultra-effective makeup technique:

  1. Use the comb/brush attachment to align the brow hairs and shape them with small upward strokes following the shape of the brow bone.
  2. Use the brush tip to apply the gel in small upward strokes, from the inside out, to sculpt and define the eyebrows.
  3. Perfect the shape with the comb/brush tip.

And there you have it, in 3 minutes flat, a perfect line and well-provided eyebrows… Thank you who?