Straight Brows: the eyebrow makeup trend that TikTok borrowed from Bella Hadid

Straight Brows : la tendance de maquillage sourcil que TikTok a empruntée à Bella Hadid
Say goodbye to thick, thick brows, the new trend is 2000s-style thin brows, and guess what...they're straight! This new inspiration, called "straight brows" or straight eyebrows, has already accumulated nearly 200 million views on TikTok and has given rise to a multitude of tutorials for creating different styles.
A trend popularized by Bella Hadid
This new way to make up the eyebrows comes straight from the bathroom of Bella Hadid, the American icon. After succumbing to thin eyebrows last year, she now sports straight and perfectly shaped eyebrows, much to the delight of her fans. The reason ? This particular shape gives the impression of having a lifted face. So many TikTok users rushed out their razor to get rid of that unwanted curve and get the same look as Bella Hadid. However, this practice is strongly discouraged, for two reasons: firstly, in case of error, the hairs will take time to grow back, and moreover, they will not grow back in the right direction.
How to get similar straight eyebrows
Concretely, it is a question of redefining the line of the eyebrows so that they do not form a curve at their end. This means that this part of the eyebrow must be shaved or waxed to eliminate the curve which, it must be said, gives a lot of expression to the look.

As you will have understood, hair removal is in order, but be careful... provided you know what you are doing. If in doubt, it is best to entrust your eyebrows to a knowledgeable professional. And since trends change with the moods of TikTok, it is even recommended to conceal this end of the eyebrow with a little makeup, whether it is foundation or concealer. So you probably won't regret it.