How to have beautiful eyebrows?

Comment avoir de beaux sourcils ?

Eyebrows have the power to beautify the look, so it is important to take care of them. To beautify your eyebrows, they must be neither too thick nor too thin, so it's not easy to find the right balance. We give you some simple and effective tips to enhance your eyebrows.

1. If they are not thick enough, massage your eyebrows
Eyebrows are personal. Whether you want them thick or thin is up to you depending on your face shape and how you feel. But if the latter do not seem thick or provided enough, it is possible to thicken them. At bedtime, we advise you to massage your eyebrows for about 3 minutes with olive or almond oil to accelerate their growth. A diet rich in fish and oilseeds will also help you increase their density.
2. Adapt your eyebrows according to the shape of your face
For a round face, it is better to form a high arch and avoid forming too rounded eyebrows so as not to round it more. If your face shape is more square, your eyebrow should be curved, fairly thick and long. Finally, if your face is oval, opt for a flat eyebrow shape that curves subtly upwards.
3. Don't pluck your own eyebrows if you're not sure.
An accident happened quickly, and later regretted, especially on the face. If you tweeze your eyebrow too much, it will appear abnormally thin and it will take a little time before it regains its original shape. If you don't feel ready to wax yourself, don't hesitate to go to a beauty salon and entrust your eyebrows to professionals who will guide you and give you the best advice.
4. Brush them before waxing them
Before you start waxing your eyebrows, use a special brush to comb them. This will make it easier for you to see the hairs sticking out and cut them with a small pair of eyebrow scissors .
5. Run an ice cube over your eyebrows after tweezing
This reduces redness, tingling sensation and/or swelling. You can also apply a moisturizing cream or oil to keep them hydrated and prevent the appearance of small pimples.
6. Good lighting is essential
An essential point to have beautiful eyebrows: use good lighting. If you want to pluck your eyebrows in the rules of the art and be as precise as possible, place yourself under a lamp with sufficient lighting. Also make sure you are sufficiently relaxed and well settled when you start your hair removal session. If you are tired or tense, you could easily make errors of judgment.
7. Fill in your eyebrows using a pencil and follow these steps
This is the most delicate part to embellish your eyebrows but it is especially the most important if you want to give pep to your look. Small spaces often form between the eyebrows, leaving gaps to fill. To fill them, you can use a pencil, powder, eyebrow shadow or special mascara for eyebrows. The pencil can help you achieve sharper eyebrows while giving them a natural look.

Very good but concretely, how to go about it?

  1. Start by gently brushing your eyebrows.
  2. Draw the lower curve of the eyebrow and fill in the places that do not contain hair.
  3. Work the tail of your eyebrow by tracing the outline of the lower and upper edges. Always keep in mind that your eyebrows should be as natural as possible.
  4. Avoid tweezing the middle of your eyebrow as you may create gaps that will be easily noticed.
Once or twice a week, remember to pamper them using Revitalash's eyelash and eyebrow mask and above all don't forget to nourish your eyebrows with Revitabrow by Revitalash , the world's #1 eyebrow serum.