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Sérum Acide Hyaluronique-Browlab
Sérum Collagène-Browlab
Sérum Biocell-Browlab
Biocell Serum Sale price32,00€
Sérum Vitamine C-Browlab
Vitamin C Serum Sale price32,00€
Sérum Pycnogenol-Browlab
Pycnogenol Serum Sale price32,00€
Sérum Vitamine A-Browlab
Vitamin A Serum Sale price32,00€
Soin Anti-Imperfections-Browlab
Anti-Blemish Care Sale price32,00€
Sérum Céramide-Browlab
Ceramide Serum Sale price32,00€
Sérum Licorice-Browlab
Licorice Serum Sale price32,00€
Sérum Placenta-Browlab
Placenta Serum Sale price32,00€
Sérum Amino-Browlab
Amino Serum Sale price32,00€

V10 Plus, tailor-made Japanese cosmetics...

Created in 2005 by Akiko Yokota, V10 Plus is a Japanese cosmetics brand based on a collection of specific mono-active serums or containing very few ingredients.

Adopt the V10 Plus range for targeted serums responding to the aggressions of intense urban life. Ultra-concentrated, these serums defy the signs of time for the ultimate revitalization of your skin.

V10 Plus is a range of targeted treatments in response to your needs to live intensely, without compromising on your skin.