Hair loss: why and what solutions?

Perte de cheveux : pourquoi et quelles solutions ?
Hair loss is a common problem that many people face at least once in their lives. Wondering why this happens and how to limit this loss? Don't worry, we answer all your questions!

If you regularly find hair on the floor, cling to your clothes or your brush, or easily pull out a handful of it by simply running your hand through your hair or washing it, it's normal to lose your hair from time to time. In fact, more than 80% of men and about 50% of women face this problem at least once in their life. Fortunately, there is generally no reason to worry, because there are solutions to limit hair loss, especially with natural products from organic cosmetics.
Hair loss is a normal phenomenon. Indeed, each hair has a lifespan of 5 to 7 years, after which it falls out naturally. Thus, we lose between 50 and 100 hairs per day. However, other factors can favor and accentuate this fall.


Hair loss, in both men and women, can be caused by a hormonal imbalance. This can happen during a testosterone spike in men, or during pregnancy or menopause in women, for example.

The stress

Stress and emotional shocks are one of the main causes of hair loss. Indeed, our emotions have a direct impact on the production and regulation of hormones. During periods of intense stress, the body uses its resources and energy differently, which can affect the health of the scalp.

A poor diet

A balanced diet is the key to healthy hair. If you consume too much fat, sugar, salt or lack of balance in your diet, your hair will suffer. Certain nutritional deficiencies can also promote hair loss.

The tobacco

Smoking is bad for your health, it is well known. Also, smoking has a detrimental effect on the hair by reducing oxygenation and irrigation to the scalp. Hair becomes brittle and tends to fall out more easily.


In some cases, hair loss is inherited. Thus, genetics may play a role in early pattern baldness and hair loss, especially in men.

Diseases and drug treatments

Certain illnesses and treatments, such as chemotherapy or other common medications, can affect hair health. Some treatments can slow hair growth or even cause hair loss.

The change of season

It is common and normal to lose hair in the fall or spring. Indeed, summer and winter put a strain on our hair due to overexposure to the sun or lack of light, extreme temperatures, wearing hats and beanies, etc. Thus, your hair can become fragile and tend to fall out in the fall and/or spring.
If you suddenly and excessively lose your hair, or if the loss is localized, do not hesitate to consult your doctor to make sure that there is no more serious health problem.

If the hair loss is diffuse and linked to stress or a change of season, for example, several solutions can help you limit this phenomenon.

First of all, adopt a healthy lifestyle! Stop smoking, reduce your excessive alcohol consumption and favor a healthy and balanced diet. To avoid deficiencies, do not hesitate to regularly take food supplements rich in vitamins to stimulate your hair . Some dietary supplements are specially designed to strengthen hair and accelerate hair growth!

Then it is essential to take care of your hair. Avoid conventional shampoos containing silicones, sulphates and parabens, as they attack and further weaken your hair. Instead, opt for a sulfate- and silicone-free shampoo , as well as organic and natural hair products. They are softer and do not attack your hair, while restoring strength and health.

Ideally, use hair products designed to combat hair loss like Scandinavian Biolabs products. These expertly developed hair care products to help reduce hair thinning, promote hair growth and help maintain strong hair full of vitality contain multiple plant growth factors that have been developed through stem cell technology to help nourish hair follicles and encourage hair growth.

Finally, try to avoid stress and give yourself moments of calm and relaxation to recharge your batteries. Your hair will thank you!