Taking care of your eyebrows in summer: Tips for a top line!

Prendre soin de ses sourcils en été : Des astuces pour une ligne au top !
Oh, summer! Sunny days, aquatic pleasures, trips to the beach... But beware, our eyebrows are not immune to the harmful effects of the sun! Like our skin and hair, they can suffer the ravages of UV rays, altering their natural beauty. So, to preserve their radiance and shape throughout the summer season, here are some beauty tips to adopt urgently.
The sun, the sea and the swimming pool, not really friends with our eyebrows!
Sunny days are a real treat for us, but not for our eyebrows. Swimming in the sea and in the pool, while pleasant, are not the best friends of our eyebrow line. This is because seawater and chlorine can cause the hairs to oxidize, leaving them turning blond and dulling their original color. And that's not all, the sun can also cause considerable damage. Unlike our skin, which tans and protects itself through the production of melanin, our eyebrows and hair are not so lucky. They are vulnerable to UV rays and can suffer from oxidation, drying out and even skin irritation. Result: a line of eyebrows less provided and in danger of premature loss.
Simple tips for sublime eyebrows

Of course, a careful eyebrow waxing is essential to refine their line, but in summer, that is not enough! Here are some steps to take to protect and enhance your eyebrows in the summer sun:

The hat, the chic and protective accessory
Why not adopt a hat or cap this summer? It's a stylish and effective way to protect your face, including your eyebrows, from UV rays. In addition to avoiding sunburn, this will also protect your hair from the aggressions of the sun.
Sunscreen, an ally for your eyebrows
Just like with your skin, applying sunscreen to your eyebrows is a great idea. During your exposure to the sun, do not hesitate to put a little on your eyebrows. This will protect them from the most harmful UV rays and save your hair follicles! Some cosmetic products are also enriched with anti-UV active ingredients, so you can also use them.
Hydration, exfoliation and vegetable oil
Give your eyebrows a little weekly care by pampering them with a gentle exfoliation . This practice will remove dead skin and impurities that could dull it. Gently massaging your eyebrows in small circles with a nourishing vegetable oil such as castor oil or coconut oil will deeply moisturize them.

So this summer, don't neglect your eyebrows and adopt these tips for a top line despite the sun's rays! Take care of them, and they'll reward you with their natural glow and irresistible charm.