Revitalash: The Curl Effect.

Did you know it? He sells a tube of Revitalash Advanced every 33 seconds in the world!

This eyelash serum, developed by a doctor, multi-printed and recognized worldwide, allows in addition to naturally curling the eyelashes, it is the Curl Effect!

What is Curl Effect?

The eyelash serum Revitalash® Advanced has been developed to bring a natural curvature and enhancement to the eyelashes thanks to our patented technology, The Curl Effect®. A revolutionary way of providing a natural curvature to the eyelashes with our incredible serum, bestseller and multi-printed.

  • 98% improves the appearance of my eyelashes*
  • 98% my eyelashes seem healthier*
  • 98% my eyelashes seem stronger*

*Responses of the 63 consumers after an independent study of 6 weeks of use.

What's the secret ?

Revitalash Advanced is known worldwide as a secret weapon to improve the appearance of eyelashes, make them stronger, healthier, brighter and more beautiful. It can also increase the natural curvature of your eyelashes! Thank you to the famous Biopeptin Complex®, a mixture of ingredients that brings to the eyelashes everything they need to develop and shine, including a natural curvature!

Now just adding Revitalash® Advanced At your daily routine, you can finally get rid once and for all your eyelash curler.

Pro advice

Even if, from now on, you can use Revitalash® Advanced rather than making an eyelash enhancement, you can also combine the 2: you will be amazed by the results!


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