Mascara Tutorial: 3 Steps to Obtain False Eyelash Volume

Tuto Mascara : 3 Étapes Pour Obtenir Un Volume Effet Faux Cils
We all dream of having beautiful eyelashes, a captivating doe look in all circumstances. To achieve this, you don't necessarily need to use false eyelashes. In reality, you only need to follow three simple steps to achieve the volume you want: a solid base, the wise choice of a good mascara, and expert application. In this article, find out how to pamper your eyelashes, select the ideal volume mascara, and of course, how to apply it for an absolutely irresistible result!
Step #1: Take care of your eyelashes
The first step is crucial for healthy eyelashes. Our eyelashes are real gems, protecting our eyes while bringing a touch of seduction to our eyes. However, daily makeup followed by makeup removal, sometimes not very gentle, puts a strain on them. Here are our tips for preserving the integrity of your eyelashes, strengthening them and giving them more density:

Opt for gentle makeup removal using a formula specially designed for the eyes, and be careful to be gentle. This way, you will preserve your eyelashes while removing make-up quickly and without losing eyelashes.

Strengthen your lashes with a strengthening serum such as RevitaLash Advanced . Its patented formula repairs damaged areas and strengthens each eyelash. This serum is easy to apply thanks to its fine brush. After just a few weeks of use, you will notice increased density and thickness of your eyelashes.
Step #2: Choose your mascara carefully
RevitaLash® Cosmetics Volumizing Base (Primer) and Volumizing Mascara offer nourishing ingredients and do double duty: by layering the products it intensifies the color of natural lashes and promotes spectacular length and thickness.
Step #3: Apply your mascara properly
Finally, it's time to apply the mascara you have chosen to your well-groomed eyelashes to obtain false eyelash volume. Here are some essential tips:

Use an eyelash curler. Easy to handle, it delicately pinches the eyelashes to instantly open the eyes. Use it on makeup-free lashes before applying mascara for maximum volume.

Apply mascara in a zigzag motion, starting from the base of the lashes and moving up to the tips with the brush. For even more volume, repeat the operation several times. However, be careful not to exceed three layers to avoid the formation of unsightly clumps.