5 Anti-Wrinkle Tricks That Really Work

5 astuces anti-rides qui fonctionnent vraiment

It is often said that the only cure for wrinkles is injections or surgery. In itself, it is not completely false because we cannot stop the course of time. But there are a few tricks to slow it down and soften its signs. Making peace with your age is more important than it seems. Still, there's nothing wrong with wanting to take care of yourself to keep skin plump and youthful longer.

And before going through the aesthetic medicine box, try these 5 anti-wrinkle tips that really work!

1. Sleep on a silk pillowcase

It might sound a bit snobbish, but you should always lay your delicate face on a silk pillowcase. Softer and smoother than cotton, it does not wrinkle the skin overnight and also takes care of the hair by avoiding rough friction and therefore split ends. Silk pillowcases are miraculous in preventing creases at night and preserving soft skin. Don't have the budget for mulberry silk? Satin can also do the trick!

2. Hydrate inside and out

The key to plump, smooth skin is hydration. Use and abuse moisturizing creams which plump up the skin from the outside but above all you have to drink a lot of water. Know that each sip of water you drink passes from your stomach to your intestine and then to your blood. The blood then redistributes the water through your body and the skin is the last organ to receive the benefits. The more you drink, the more likely you are to see your skin change. The tissues are waterlogged, there are fewer toxins in your body. The skin is therefore more supple, less prone to wrinkles and the signs of aging are delayed.

3. Facial gymnastics

Over time, the jaw becomes more square, the nose droops, the mouth becomes thinner and the eyebrows frown. The facial gym helps fight against sagging skin and muscles to find a firmer oval and plumper skin. Meghan Markle, Angelina Jolie, Kourtney Kardashian … the whole Hollywood swears by facial gym! This technique of massage and facial movements relaxes the hyper-sensitive muscles of the face to relax the features and make the signs of aging disappear.

4. eye contour roll-ons

The first signs of aging usually appear around the eyes because it is the part of the face that is the most stressed and has the thinnest skin. From the age of 25, the skin begins to lose its elasticity and therefore, fine lines are more present. If the only way to erase them when they have already landed are injections of hyaluronic acid, they can be erased for a few hours or even a few days with an eye contour roll-on .

It is an unstoppable method to give a boost before an important event. For high efficiency, our little trick, for an instant feeling of freshness, is to store them in the refrigerator. You will see, the result is incredible!

5. Use lifting sheet masks

If for a long time cosmetics swore to make wrinkles disappear without real results, technology has advanced so much that today there are products capable of smoothing the skin more or less permanently. Of course, don't expect to win 15 years with a sheet mask ! But these sheet masks from Asia will deeply help your skin to absorb the moisturizing active ingredients of the essence they contain and thus, smooth the face and restore its radiance. Combine one sheet mask per week with a good moisturizer and you will see: week after week, the skin is transformed!

Source: Stylight.fr - Floriane Reynaud