5 Essential Tips for Flawless Makeup Lasting in Hot Weather

5 Conseils Essentiels pour une Tenue Impeccable de votre Maquillage par Temps Chaud
Summer rhymes with overwhelming heat and swimming at the beach or in the swimming pool. But how to hold your makeup when the thermometer exceeds 35 ° C? Don't worry, we explain how to preserve your makeup despite the oppressive heat!

Heat can have many negative effects on our make-up: skin that shines, foundation that wears off, mascara that runs from perspiration, etc. However, don't panic! There are foolproof tricks to keep your makeup looking flawless even during the hottest summer times.
1. Take care of your skin

The first essential step is to moisturize your skin daily, summer and winter alike. During the summer, our skin is particularly attacked by intense heat, prolonged exposure to UV rays from the sun, not to mention sea salt and chlorine from swimming pools. It is therefore essential to take care of your skin by applying a moisturizer adapted to your skin type. Don't forget to stay hydrated by drinking enough water, as healthy, well-hydrated skin is the basis for successful makeup.
2. Use a base

The make-up base is an essential product to apply before the foundation. It helps smooth your skin, preventing foundation from getting into the fine lines on your face. By tightening the pores, the base skilfully hides small imperfections and shiny areas of the face, usually located on the nose, forehead and chin.
3. Take care of your complexion

A perfect complexion is the basis of successful make-up. To maintain a beautiful and luminous appearance, there is nothing like a sublime and sun-kissed complexion. During the summer, opt for tinted BB creams, some of which are even available in a waterproof version. You can also enhance your complexion by using sun powder for a natural glow in all circumstances. Applying the powder in an "E" shape starting from the temples, passing through the eyes and finally the jawline, will give you a luminous complexion. Mattifying powders are also excellent allies for reducing skin shine, especially on the forehead, nose and chin. Be careful with highlighter though, as it can add shine. Apply it only to areas of the face where you are unlikely to sweat, such as the inner corner of the eye to enlarge your look. Finally, for long-lasting hold, use a setting mist, making sure to apply it at least 30cm away from your face to avoid smudging your makeup.
4. Opt for waterproof products

Waterproof products are the best allies of your summer makeup. They are water resistant so you don't have mascaras that smudge due to perspiration. Waterproof mascaras last longer, even in a hot and humid environment. Other makeup ranges are also available in waterproof versions, such as foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow, lipstick, etc. You can also opt for a fixing gel for the eyebrows. This formula will hydrate your brows while keeping them in the desired shape. All these make-up products are essential to enhance your look and refine your facial features.
5. Favor light makeup

In summer, it is better to adopt a lighter make-up. For natural beauty without makeup, pay special attention to your eyebrows. Indeed, beautiful eyebrows frame your gaze and highlight your eyes. A light eye makeup will be more than enough to get a perfect look!