Revitalash Advanced: You will not believe your eyelashes!

Revitalash Advanced is a unique care for sublimated, fortified and protected lashes against breakage.

The passing years do not manage things. The eyelashes are depressed to say the least. They lack length, volume, they are fine, rights and sparse.

To counter this calamity, Revitalash eyelashes (Revitalash Advanced) promises you visibly more beautiful and stronger eyelashes in just 6 weeks.

Its use is simple, just deposit a little product (the consistency of which resembles that of a serum) on the edge of the upper and lower eyelashes. The applicator facilitates this operation since it is a kind of ultra fine and flexible brush. We don't smear it everywhere as is sometimes the case with the bottled tips. The brush is not too busy in terms, the writer does his job well, we apply the right amount of serum required.

It's easy, quick, it only takes a few seconds. If you want to get good results, you have to be rigorous and diligent. It must be applied every day, the evening preferably, on dry eyelashes and carefully removed for at least one month. In order not to zap the ritual, the little tip: place the tube near your toothbrush.

The product dries quickly, you don't even feel it and that does not cause any particular discomfort. We still avoid rubbing our eyes after application to avoid migration in the mucous membrane.

With a little patience and perseverance, the efforts are quickly rewarded. The hair follicles being better fed, the eyelashes are fortified, it is a certainty! You will observe a lesser loss of eyelashes especially when makeup. Over the days, they will gain density, they are also more numerous. The eyelash fringe will be visibly expanded, more dense and without a hole!


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