How to properly care for your eyelashes?

Understanding the eyelash

Did you know that you have between 90 and 160 eyelashes on the upper eyelid? These few strands provide considerable work. Physically, they prevent dust and debris from entering your eyes. But they can also give you a younger appearance, create a drama effect and raise the appearance of your eyes.

To have beautiful and healthy eyelashes, start your eyelash care routine now.

Start properly: how to wash the eyelashes?

Washing your face is not the same thing as cleaning your eyelashes, which you know if you have already woken up with bladder mascara that you swore having removed the day before. The eyelashes, like hair and skin, dirty. They accumulate sebum, makeup and other impurities. Let these impurities do damage overnight can increase the fall, irritation and even an infection. It is therefore very important to clean your eyelashes every morning and each evening, taking care to treat each hair gently.

So how to clean your eyelashes? Rule n ° 1: Use a cleaner specially designed for eyelashes, soft and free from aggressive ingredients and oils.

This is the case with theRare micellar water Paris. Its gentle, without residue and nourishing formula uses powerful micelles to eliminate daily impurities while leaving your lashes cleaned, soothed and hydrated ... without removing essential oils or injuring your delicate eyelashes. Everything that is clean, without any damage. What cannot be liked?

Healthier eyelashes, a gesture at a time

It is not a swipe on Tinder, so don't worry about management!

Revitalash® Advanced is the easiest way to get the strong, healthy and naturally curved eyelashes you want. An application per day of the best -selling eyelash serum in the world and your eyelashes will be in their best shape in no time. This award -winning formula is the reference in the matter, and for good reason. This scientifically advanced revitalizing contains peptides, lipids, biotin and an extract of green tea rich in panthenol. There is nothing like it for stronger, healthier and more luxurious eyelashes.

What if you have sensitive eyes and subjects to irritation? New Revitalash® Advanced Sensitive is designed for you. It is the perfect product for anyone with increased sensitivity in the eye area. It is not a watered down version; On the contrary, this scientifically advanced formula uses a prolonged released -liberation technology which is soft for sensitive eyes. In a recent independent study conducted with consumers, 98 % of participants found that the eyelashes were healthier with Revitalash® Advanced Sensitive. In addition, 97 % did not report any redness and 93 % felt no irritation. (Results of an independent 8 -week study conducted with 161 consumers, where almost 20 % of study participants presented a sensitivity/irritation to other eyelash serums they had used in the past).

Add drama: mascara strengthen the eyelashes

Once the eyelashes are cleaned, highlighted and ready for mascara, use the Double-ended volume set. This awarded duo of mascara and 2 in 1 primer, which strengthens the eyelashes, works in tandem to create a spectacular length and an increased volume. Indigo primer illuminates the eyes and intensifies the color. The revitalizing ingredients contained in a flexible formula, water resistant and easy to build, give your eyelashes a luxury level never reached before. Simplicity in all its splendor!

Protect and correct

Did you have a particularly difficult week for your eyelashes? Have you worn false eyelashes every day or have you slept with your mascara? It happens, isn't it? But when this is the case, you must make sure to quickly repair the damage with the Mask eyelashes and eyebrows : The first ultra-reforator mask of this type, developed by doctors. The luxurious formula infuses each wick with ingredients rich in nutrients to help repair, restore and feed even the most damaged and stressed eyebrows. You will see and feel the difference in one treatment.

A simple routine will allow you to get beautiful and breathtaking eyelashes in no time. Continue so and, with only a few products and a little effort, you will get daring, impeccable eyelashes!

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