How to choose the right lip contour according to the shape of your lips and your skin tone for an optimal result?

Comment choisir le bon contour des lèvres en fonction de la forme de vos lèvres et de votre teint de peau pour un résultat optimal ?

The lip contour is a key element for perfect makeup.

But how do you choose the right lip liner for your skin tone and lip shape ?

We've put together some tips and tricks for you to help you make the perfect choice for the best result .

Determine the shape of your lips

  • If your lips are thin, opt for a lip liner that outlines them slightly wider.
  • If your lips are fuller, lip liner slightly darker than your natural lip color can help define them more.

Choose the right shade for your skin tone

  • For fair complexions, opt for pink and peach shades.
  • For darker complexions, brown and red shades can highlight your lips.

Consider the color of your lipstick

  • If you go for a red lipstick, choose a dark red lip liner to define your lips.
  • If you opt for a nude lipstick, choose a lip liner similar in color to your lip color.

Opt for a hydrating lip contour

  • Voilà Moisturizing Lip Balm moisturizes your lips while giving them a slightly rosy color for a natural result.
  • Its formula enriched with jojoba oil and shea butter protects and nourishes your lips.

In short, the choice of lip contour depends on your skin tone, the color of your lipstick and the shape of your lips.

Opt for a moisturizing lip liner like Browlab's Voilà Moisturizing Lip Balm for a natural result and protect your lips with nourishing ingredients.