How to take care of your dry skin: expert advice

Comment prendre soin de votre peau sèche : conseils d'experts
If you feel tightness and your skin is peeling in certain places, it is very likely that you have dry or even very dry skin. To remedy this problem, it is important to identify the causes and adopt a suitable care routine to moisturize and heal your dry skin. Here are our expert tips for dealing with this inconvenience.
1. Drink enough water
To avoid dry skin, it is essential to review your habits and make sure you drink an adequate amount of water. This becomes even more important if you suffer from this skin problem. In winter, it is better to avoid overheated and poorly ventilated rooms, as they can contribute to dry skin.
2. Adapt your beauty routine
It's time to say goodbye to aggressive astringent products such as foaming gels or soaps, which attack the epidermis. Instead, opt for rehydrating products that protect the skin and prevent moisture loss without smothering it.
3. Gently cleanse your skin
After removing your make-up, spray a little thermal water on your face to moisturize it, let it dry, then apply your night care. It is crucial to gently cleanse your skin and adopt a suitable care routine to maintain good hydration.
Why do I have dry skin?
Dry skin is manifested by feelings of slight tightness, flaking and peeling in certain places, as well as general discomfort. Very dry skin exhibits all of these symptoms, along with chapping and cracking of the skin. Unfortunately, we would prefer to do without.
Dry skin and sebum
Why does the skin react like this? This is due to an imbalance in sebum production. In the case of dry skin, this production is insufficient, unlike oily skin where sebum is abundant. This imbalance can be genetic, thus determining your skin type, or due to environmental factors such as winter cold. Hyaluronic acid is one of the best moisturizers.

Due to insufficient sebum, the skin is not effectively protected against external aggressions, which makes it sensitive and more prone to skin dryness. Cold, wind and pollution contribute to dry skin and cause these unpleasant sensations.
Dry skin isn't just for mature skin
Contrary to popular belief, dry skin does not only affect women over 40. Young people can also be affected by this skin problem. Whether it's a genetic or environmental factor, dry skin can occur at any age.
Dry skin and skin aging
Yes and no. Although combination to oily skin takes longer to show the signs of time, wrinkles and fine lines are more visible on dry skin. Due to reduced hydration, wrinkles appear more pronounced on this type of skin than on oily skin.

It is important not to confuse dry skin with skin dehydration, which can affect all skin types. To avoid confusion between dry skin and skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist for an accurate diagnosis.

By following our expert advice, you can take care of your dry skin effectively and preserve its health and beauty.