Tribute to the unforgettable Jane Birkin: this hairstyle currently seduces all fashionistas.

Hommage à l'inoubliable Jane Birkin : cette coiffure séduit actuellement toutes les fashionistas.

Some hairstyles are making an unexpected comeback, while others, unbeatable over the years, remain indisputable. Among these, the bangs occupy a special place. With each new school year, it reinvents itself. Some time ago, the curtain version of the bangs was on all the heads of trendy girls. More recently, baby bangs (or ultra-short bangs) have established themselves as THE bold trend in hair beauty. For this fall, it's the turn of the Birkin bangs to shine. The name surely means something to you, because this light and wispy fringe pays homage to the one worn by Jane Birkin. The 70s legend continues to inspire, even after his departure last July. While her timeless style is a real eye-catcher, her signature hairstyle is no slouch. When asked by 'Byrdie' magazine about upcoming hair trends in 2023, celebrity hairstylist Clayton Hawkins revealed that the singer's signature hair will be on everyone's mind. It must be said that in recent weeks, many celebrities have adopted it. Top of the list? Jennifer Lopez, Nicola Peltz Beckham, and Jenna Ortega. Different personalities that confirm that Birkin bangs can be worn at any age.


First of all, it is important to note that this bangs adapt to all types of faces. However, it will be easier to style on straight to slightly wavy hair. Expert advice? Always have a dry shampoo on hand. To prevent bangs from getting greasy, spray dry shampoo directly onto a boar-bristle brush, then brush through your hair for even distribution. You'll see, your bangs will thank you.