Double cleansing: an ally for your skin?

Le double nettoyage : un allié pour ta peau ?

Before tackling the subject of cleansing, let's dive into the world of facial impurities! These unwanted people are divided into two categories:
FAT LOVERS = lipophilics, like sebum, makeup residue or sunscreen.
WATER FANS = hydrophiles, including certain pollutants, dust and sweat.
You may be no stranger to this basic rule: oil attracts oil, and water attracts water! In theory, double cleansing seems to be the ideal solution for removing all kinds of impurities from your face. It skillfully combines:
#1 Cleaning with a “greasy” (lipid) product. So opt for an oil or an oily balm, it's an excellent choice.
#2 Cleaning with an aqueous product. You have the choice between various textures: gels, milks or foams.

This technique, which has proven itself for centuries among Japanese Geishas, ​​is now arousing sudden interest for all skin types. However, we must not lose sight of the fact that this growing popularity could also be a clever marketing opportunity aimed at selling more products.
However, double cleansing done incorrectly or with the wrong products can harm your skin...
Here are some recommendations:
Good practices
1. To be done only in the evening.
2. Always start with the oil phase before the water phase (and not the other way around).
Points of vigilance
1. Limit to once per day.
2. Avoid for dry or sensitive skin.