The best eyelash serum

Beauty editors of the biggest media are known to show discernment in their recommendations - it is not a surprise, because discovering the most effective beauty products in the world is their work. When experts like a product enough to write about it, you can be sure that it is really special.

This is why we are delighted every time we see our REVITALAH® Advanced serum best sold in the press. Here are some reasons why beauty editors never tire of our revolutionary eyelash conditioner.

It's a winner in its category

Revitalash® Advanced has won its share of awards over the years, but one of its latest victories is important: New Beauty publishers have called it best eyelash serum in their beauty Awards 2021.

This revitalizing treatment for eyelashes, this "Saint Grail", landed on the stylecaster list of "most remarkable products to buy this season". L'Revitalash opinion Site publishers: "Did you know that your eyelashes can also show visible signs of aging? They can certainly, but this conditioner helps keep your eyelashes strong and healthy".

It gives the causes of breast cancer

Aedit, an essential source of information on aesthetics and beauty, included revitalash® Cosmetics in its overview of the 16 brands which donate for the month of awareness of breast cancer, praising our "continuous dedication to the Awareness of breast cancer "thanks to the annual Pink Sleeve initiative. Of course, our commitment to eradicate breast cancer while supporting patients continues throughout the year with our commitment Eternally Pink®.

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