The miraculous benefits of seawater to pamper our skin!

Les bienfaits miraculeux de l'eau de mer pour chouchouter notre peau !
Surely you know the relaxing benefits of a walk by the sea, but did you know that seawater can also be a great ally for taking care of your skin? Yes, you read correctly ! Seawater is full of incredible virtues for the beauty and health of our body. So, let's dive into this ocean of knowledge without further delay!

Some people think that seawater is too aggressive and drying for our skin. Well, think again! Many cosmetic brands have understood its full potential and now incorporate it into their products, whether face creams , body milks, scrubs or even shampoos. We find something for everyone! California-based brand Salt & Stone features a careful blend of antioxidant- and nutrient-rich ingredients, including seaweed, spirulina and sea kelp, in each of its products, created to protect, cleanse, support and restore the skin.

But why is seawater so popular in the field of cosmetics? Quite simply because it is the main component of beauty formulas. In general, the water used in cosmetic products is treated, neutral and demineralised, which causes it to lose its energy and potential. On the other hand, seawater contains a natural synergy of mineral salts and essential trace elements, perfectly assimilated by our skin. This is why she has become a distinguished guest in our beauty rituals.

Before being used, the seawater is sampled, filtered and cold sterilized in order to keep all its active ingredients intact. Its salt concentration is then worked in the laboratory to obtain the best saline balance. In addition, it is often associated with ingredients with softening and soothing properties, such as extracts of red and brown algae, as well as vegetable glycerin, which is an excellent emollient.

And what is the main advantage of seawater in cosmetics? It activates the effectiveness of the formula and facilitates the penetration of other active ingredients to the cells of our skin, in addition to its own benefits.
But what are these benefits of seawater in cosmetics?
First of all, sea water is an inexhaustible source of mineral salts and trace elements. It deeply hydrates, rebalances and regenerates our cells, which delays skin aging. It also gently cleanses the epidermis. In addition, it promotes skin healing and reduces inflammatory lesions associated with eczema and certain atopic dermatitis. People suffering from eczema also notice the same benefits when using concentrated seawater treatments.

Seawater not only takes care of our skin. By consuming it as a cure, it boosts our vitality, helps us cope with stress and our hectic lifestyle. It also detoxifies our body and fills certain deficiencies in magnesium, potassium, sodium and zinc. Finally, it improves blood circulation and preserves our joints.

You may be wondering if there are any contraindications to the use of seawater in cosmetic care. Rest assured, unless you have a thyroid problem, a low-salt diet or an intolerance to seawater on the skin, there are no contraindications to taking full advantage of it.

Ah, and what about the Dead Sea and its exceptional benefits? With its high concentration of salt, ten times higher than that of other seas, it is a treasure for our skin. It strengthens the skin barrier, improves hydration and reduces inflammation. Products from this region, such as bath salts or Dead Sea mud, are real gems. If you are lucky enough to go there, treat yourself to a natural spa session: a Dead Sea salt scrub, a mud mask and a salt water rinse (be careful, no more than 15 minutes, otherwise it stings!) before rinsing with clear water to preserve all these benefits. You will come out with incredibly soft skin! But remember, don't drink the Dead Sea water and avoid immersing your head.

So, now you know all about the extraordinary benefits of seawater for your skin. So let yourself be carried away by the waves of beauty and take full advantage of this precious marine resource!