Why Use Micellar Water to Remove Makeup?

Pourquoi Utiliser de l'Eau Micellaire pour te Démaquiller ?

If you're looking for a gentle and effective method to remove makeup at the end of the day, then micellar water may be the solution for you. Not only is it light and gentle on the skin, but it can also significantly improve your beauty routine. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of using micellar water for makeup removal, and why it should take pride of place in your toiletry bag.

What is Micellar Water ?

Let's start by understanding what exactly micellar water is. It is a gentle water-based solution, enriched with micelles. Micelles are tiny cleansing particles that have the ability to attract and trap dirt, makeup and excess oil on the skin. Unlike some harsher products, micellar water does not need excessive scrubbing or rinsing. This is why it is particularly suitable for sensitive skin.

Benefits of Micellar Water for Makeup Removal

1. Incomparable Softness: One of the main benefits of micellar water is its softness. It does not irritate the skin, making it ideal for sensitive skin or skin prone to redness. You can use it without fear, even around the eyes, to remove mascara and eyeliner.
2. Effective Makeup Removal: Despite its gentleness, micellar water is extremely effective in removing makeup, even waterproof. Micelles act like magnets to attract and remove makeup effortlessly.
3. Instant Hydration: In addition to deep cleansing, micellar water also hydrates the skin. You don't need to apply a ton of products after removing makeup. It leaves your skin fresh and hydrated.
4. Ease of Use: Micellar water is incredibly easy to use. You don't need cotton wool or rinsing. Simply apply it to a cotton pad or makeup remover wipe, gently wipe over the face and neck, and voilà!

Tips for Using Micellar Water

Now that you know the benefits, here are some tips to optimize your use of micellar water:

1. Choose the Right Formula: There are different micellar water formulas, some are suitable for sensitive skin, others for oily skin, and some are enriched with specific ingredients like hyaluronic acid or vitamin E. Choose the one which best suits your skin type.
2. Store It Properly: Store your micellar water in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. This will guarantee its lifespan and effectiveness.
3. Use a Reusable Cotton Pad: To reduce your environmental impact, opt for reusable cotton pads or washable makeup remover wipes instead of disposable cotton pads.
4. Double Cleanse for Heavy Makeup: If you're wearing heavier makeup, consider double cleansing. Start with micellar water to remove makeup, then use a gentle cleanser to deep cleanse.


Micellar water is much more than just a makeup remover. It's a versatile product that can gently enhance your skincare routine. It is suitable for all skin types and can simplify your makeup removal ritual. So why not give it a chance? Incorporate it into your beauty routine and enjoy the many benefits it offers for clean, fresh and radiant skin.

Remember that the key to beautiful skin lies in a regular skincare routine adapted to your needs. Micellar water can be a great addition to this routine, especially for gently removing makeup after a long day. So, don’t hesitate to adopt it and take full advantage of it!