Eyelash and eyebrows: The miracle recipe to maintain them and make them grow!

An impeccable beauty routine to maintain and promote (re) pushes eyelashes and eyebrows

Maintaining your eyebrows is essential for an intense and sublimated look. Once or twice a week, a mild scrub along the hairs. This simple beauty gesture eliminates dead cells and promotes blood circulation, therefore rapid reject of eyebrows. Once erased, we brush with The Angélik Iffenecker brush. The passage of a special brush removes dead hairs and stimulates the dull pushing from the eyebrow.

To complete, it is possible to save time thanks to our natural avocado oil which will restructure and regenerate the hair thanks to its moisturizing properties.

To apply it, you use a virgin mascara stick or a cotton swab to apply on the eyelashes and eyebrows. Please note: we avoid using the treatment in the morning, because the oil prevents the mascara from holding on the eyelashes. We favor an application in the evening after removal, so that the hairs regenerate during sleep.

For eyelashes, some mascaras offer protection to be put before color like the Voltalash Cosmetics volumizing duo. Often neglected, this opaque paste is used to hydrate the eyelashes. Result: the eyelashes are stronger and do not fall! Finally, we do not neglect the make -up removal. Sweetness and delicacy are essential not to promote a premature fall.

On average, an eyebrow and a cil put two to three months to repel ...

For the most impatient, we suggest going directly to the Revitalash range with Revitalash Advanced for eyelashes and Revitabrow Advanced for eyebrows. The N ° 1 serum brand in the world is no longer to present ...

We adopt a good diet

Once is not customary, the solution for eyebrows and eyelashes provided is also on our plate. Indeed, foods rich in B vitamins and amino acids promote their growth. So we turn to quinoa, buckwheat, spirulina or germinated seeds for a bewitching look!

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