How does a good growth serum work for eyelashes?

The eyelashes have a growth cycle of about 8 to 12 weeks, then fall naturally.

This is where the Revitalash eyelash serum Entering the game: it makes it possible to significantly prolong the eyelash growth phase while triggering the regrowth of new eyelashes.

Thus, the number of eyelashes can multiply quickly and their length can increase thanks to this prolonged growth phase.

International and deemed studies in the United States, Japan and the United Kingdom also confirm these remarkable effects. This is the solution recognized for stimulating growth and growing new eyelashes.

Revitalash® is a high -end serum based on a prostaglandin derivative. Its reputation comes from the fact that it is the best -selling growth serum in the world. As a leading brand, Revitalash® has launched a new beauty trend and has made the world discover the power of eyelashes. Even today, this pioneer of growth serums for eyelashes will impress you with its results.

the Revitalash® Advanced Revitalizing care for eyelashes paved the way for a whole market. Today, this eyelash growth booster is available in its "Advanced" version, the original formula that has been improved with the addition of more natural ingredients.

Revitalash® Advanced Revitalizing Care for Les Emillas The choice n ° 1, especially if you are vegans, because Revitalash® does not use any animal products and is not tested on animals.

  • scientifically proven prostaglandin
  • contains many natural extracts
  • Complex based on biotin and patented peptide
  • Expect good results very quickly
  • vegan product
  • Brand n ° 1 in the world

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