Beauty routine: why is serum so essential?

Routine beauté : pourquoi le sérum est-il si essentiel ?
Serum, a must-have in our beauty routine, is sometimes incorporated routinely. With V10 Plus, dive into the mysteries of its effectiveness and its immense importance as a "concentrate".

Although the term “serum” may evoke a mystical or even magical world, this is not the case. On the contrary, the serum is a cosmetic product of great scientific quality. Often referred to as "concentrate", it stands out for its high concentration of active ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid , for example. This increased concentration gives the serum its effectiveness, since only a few drops are needed for each use. Despite its concentration, the serum does not forget its lightness! Its fluid texture is one of its characteristics and constitutes one of its major assets. No more greasy feeling, the serum is quickly absorbed, thanks to its great penetration capacity.
Another major advantage of the serum lies in its adaptability to all skin types and all ages! Whether you have oily, combination, dry, sensitive skin, dark spots or other concerns, there is necessarily a serum suitable for your skin. This is why V10 Plus has developed a concentrate for every need: a hydrating serum that prevents dehydration and protects the skin from premature aging, while an advanced antioxidant serum protects it from external aggressions. More than 10 serums are available, each with their own specific and targeted action.

Before applying the serum, it is crucial to prepare your skin using a specific cleanser and possibly an exfoliant. This promotes the penetration of active ingredients and maximizes their effectiveness. To apply the concentrate, simply take two or three drops and gently massage them onto your face, neck and décolleté. Don’t forget to follow with your moisturizer and/or sunscreen. It is important to note that serum does not replace moisturizer, as they have different roles! As for the frequency of use, once or twice a day, whether in the evening or in the morning, it depends on the specific recommendations of each serum. Just like your skin, these products are unique!